Have Mat, Will Travel

At this time of the year, I’m feeling the need to get out of dodge, or as us yogis say it, to Nah’may stay at home!  So, over winter break, my little tribe and I hightailed it west to Colorado to do some relaxing and skiing. And while I love to travel, I also love yoga, and one of my favorite things about yoga is my ability to take it with me and continue to practice and grow as a yogi while I’m away from home.  In fact, some of my most meaningful yoga experiences have been while traveling.  Just this summer, I took my youngest son to Branson, Missouri for a baseball tournament.  Now, I was not excited about Branson.  I doubted they had a decent studio, but to my shock and surprise, I found the cutest little studio right there, in the middle of nowhere. So, how do you find on-the-go yoga?  Well, follow these simple steps to take-it-with-you yoga:

  1.  Do your research.  Before you leave on your next trip, do a little yogi research.  Simply google nearby yoga students for a list of nearby studios
  2. Do some more research.  Now that you have a list of potential studios, scour their websites like a yoga detective.  Check out their class offerings, room temperatures (you don’t want to end up in a 110 degree sweatbox), class etiquette, teacher training requirements.  Make sure it aligns to your yoga tastes and goals.  If you’re a Vinyasa junkie, you probably want to stay away from a Bikram-only studio.
  3. Register ahead of time.  If you can, skip the line and register for classes ahead of time.  Often, there is a first time student package that you can take advantage of while in town for just a little while.
  4. Don’t forget your mat.  While you may think that the rental mat will serve you just as well as your own mat.  I don’t think so.  Your yoga mat is like your pillow.  We all like our own.  So, if you can, bring your mat.  Also consider bringing a water bottle, towel and anything else that makes your down dog dynamite.

So, happy travel fellow yogis.  But getting out of town does not necessarily mean getting away from your practice.  You can take it with you!

Namaste.  Until next time,