Escuela Nueva

What is the future of education?  As we prepare students for the 21st century world of work and collaboration, are we focused on the right things?  Is our curriculum too narrow?  Some lessons on progressive education can be learned from passionate educators working in the most surprising of places!

I just heard a great piece on NPR’s Morning Edition.  It was a profile of a one-room school house in the Colombian Andes.  This innovative pedagogy is focused on experiential learning, critical thinking, and social emotional development.  The progressive education movement is not new and many of the elements are seen at our school now.  What is amazing is that this type of education can be accomplished in the poorest of regions.  It has the potential for transformational change and growth in all communities.

As we explore the intersection of learning + space through our District’s master facility plan development, I cannot help but think about the education programming decisions that we will need to make in the coming years.  What do we value?  How do we prioritize our instructional time?  Lessons can be learned from this educational case study.  Enjoy!

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