Battle of The Books!

Congratulations to the Willowbrook 4th and 5th graders who participated in this year’s Glenview Public Library’s Battle of the Books.  Go Wildcats!  The library had over 330 students participate this year.  Willowbrook sent 40 students.  That’s nearly half of our 4th and 5th grade!

I would like to recognize the following teams for a strong performance: Bedazzled Beauties, Book Owlettes, Darth Paper, Dolphin Artists, and Book Slayers.

I would like recognize our teams that earned a place on the 2017 honor roll.  These teams earned one of the top five scores of the season:  Cute Little Fluffy Bunnies Plus One, Fluffy Unicorn Readers, Solid Dot, Angels and Golden Readers.

Finally, special recognition goes to the Angels and Golden Readers.  These two teams earned PERFECT SCORES!  What an amazing showing for our school.

We are so proud of all the students who worked with their teams to read a list of 28 books and then came to the library to test their knowledge.  Thank you to Willowbrook Librarian Sue Sparks, Glenview Librarian Rachel Snyder, and the classroom teachers for their encouragements and support.  Of course, thank you to the parents for their time and support.  Our parents recognize the importance of a rich reading life.

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