Willie Comes Alive!

This morning was the debut of Willie the Wildcat – our very own mascot… in the fur!  Cleaning up from Lighted School House last night, Mr. Barker found an old dusty case behind some of his instruments.  When he pried the case open, he discovered some ancient papers (see below).

Mr. Barker and I tried the chant this morning at Flag Raising, but it didn’t work.  We quickly realized that we needed the voice and the spirit of the entire school community.  Everyone chanted, “Willowbrook! Willowbrook! Come on Wildcats! Hear us roar!!!”

It was then that Willie came alive and ran into our gymnasium.  He ran through a human bridge formed by our 5th grade students and appeared in front for us all to see.  We now have the power to summon him in the future.  Many thanks to our PTO for their contribution!

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