Do you have any educational podcasts that you would like to share?

Do you subscribe to any podcasts?  Have you considered this professional learning (and entertainment) tool?  There is a great app native to your iPhone or iPad.  Hint – it’s colored purple.  Here are a few education related podcasts that I have come across recently.  Maybe you have one to share.

    • NCTE – Writing Workshop in the Digital Age
    • #EdChat Radio.  Ten minute episodes.  Hosts scan the popular hashtag on Twitter for interesting discussion points, reaching out to the most influential Tweeters as well as movers and shakers in education for a lively discussion.
    • Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers.  A podcast where teachers can receive validation and an empathetic ear.  Topics range from keeping passion high to the lies teachers tell themselves to learning learning how to thrive in the classroom.
    • Free Teacher PD.  A look into the latest, greatest ideas in teaching to broaden your thinking and get those creative juices flowing.  Each week there’s a new guest leader from the world of education.

As an epilogue to Poetry Week, I thought I would share a fabulous collection of poetry on the mystery and meaning in life.  Here is a link to Krista Tippett’s Poetry Radio Project.

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