Book Madness at Willowbrook

We are just a few days away from the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament #selectionsunday.  Maybe your bracket manager has already emailed you…

Meanwhile, Librarian Eichmiller has brought Book Madness to Willowbrook School!  Students and staff have nominated 32 books for the contest.  The books were assigned seeds (1 to 8) and posted on a giant bracket sheet outside the library.  If a student is unfamiliar with a book, they can scan a QR code to access a short book talk video.  I recorded one for Drew Daywalt’s “The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors”.

Do you believe each of the #1 seeds deserved their ranking?  Which chapter book will upset a popular Kindergarten picture book?  Students are voting all this week using Google Forms.  We can anticipate some upsets.  I wonder which dark horse will make it to the Sweet Sixteen next week?!

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