A window into the classroom

More than ever, teachers are providing parents with a window into the classroom with social media and other web-based applications. Many teachers are empowering their students to contribute or direct aspects of the classroom communication. Students are motivated by working for these “authentic audiences”.

One great example is our weekly digital curation of Willowbrook tweets. Our technology integration specialist, Mrs. Rich, has used the Storify network service to compile the week’s tweets that include #d30learns or #wbplays. She recently moved these tweets over to the Wakelet service.


Another application that teachers (and families) have embraced is Seesaw. These are student driven digital portfolios. Many teachers have replaced their weekly newsletter with this application. We believe there may also be aspects of this platform that could guide articulation for students (grade level to grade level) and alignment to our new report cards.

With so many powerful tools, our teachers are sharing more student learning and school information than ever before! Of course, this is a lot to manage. We often wonder which communication vehicles are the best. Do we need to spend time on Twitter, Seesaw, School Messenger, S’more, Kidblog, email blasts, etc. Could we focus our efforts on one or two applications? We welcome parent feedback as we work toward establishing common expectations.

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