Dance Party!

The Willowbrook PTO provided our school with another incredible artist-in-residence experience this week. We hosted 2 dance artists from the Old Town School of Folk Music. Over the course of 3 days, these artists worked with each grade level on the basic elements of creative movement: Space, time, and energy. We learned new vocabulary words such as locomotion, contrast, and choreography. A couple of before school staff workshops provided teachers with examples of how they could bring dance and creative movement into their classrooms.

Using our school-wide Play Pack structure, students formed 17 different dance groups this morning. Each pack created a short dance representing the theme of “summer”. Out on the Willow Park grass field, each pack performed their dance. Next, the dance artists led the whole school in a 8-movement composition. Finally, we turned the music up and let the kids have a wild dance party. The attached video illustrates the multi-age play.

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