Parent Communication

As you heard from your classroom teacher at Curriculum Night, we are trying to narrow our parent communication streams. We know how busy you are and we appreciate how hard it is to juggle multiple forms of communication. Any feedback on our communication strategies is welcome.

It can be overwhelming for a teacher to manage multiple communication vehicles. We are trying to help them focus on one major communication tool at each grade level. Many of our teachers will continue to use Twitter, blogs, or other mediums they are excited about. However, we have established some basic expectations for grades K-2 and grades 3-5.

Primary teachers (K-2) will be using Seesaw to help parents stay connected to the classroom. Seesaw is an online learning journal. After entering an access code, you can choose to receive notifications via email or push notification. Your child and/or classroom teacher will be sharing student work and sending classroom announcements via this application.

Intermediate teachers (grades 3-5) will focus on the use of Schoology. Schoology is a complete learning management system. Among other things, it can be used to boost communication within the classroom and between the home and school. Our district’s expectations are that teachers post daily homework, create and share resources with each other within this application. Your classroom teacher will send you a unique access code. Here is a link to parent instructions on how to sign up.

Finally, I would stress all parents should read our weekly flyer. “What’s Up Willowbrook” is sent on Friday afternoons as an email blast. Stay up-to-date and get all your questions answered by reading our flyer. An archive of our Friday flyers can be found here.

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