If I Could Turn Back Time

The Willowbrook 5th grade gave an entertaining performance to students and parents this Tuesday. Their musical “The Time Solution”, helped us relive some school history. In addition to some great music and a zany script, the audience enjoyed performances from current and past teachers. In fact, the students went back in time to visit Ms. Nadine Lee’s 1976 classroom.

Mr. Barker and the specials staff always do a great job collaborating and bringing out the student’s vision. We had many great musical performances. Here is a short clip of the February 1969 hit song “Everyday People”.

The show’s finale included a remake of the Willowbrook School Song. Students and staff should expect to hear this song at Friday Flag Raisings throughout the rest of the year. Our 50th anniversary celebrations were kicked off this week. Thank you 5th grade! Thank you Mr. Barker!

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