A Kindergarten Update

This is our 4th year of the full-day Kindergarten Program. We are very proud of the positive culture and high quality of instruction our teachers have cultivated for the students of District 30. Much of this was shared last night in the annual report to the Board of Education.

This year, we have 118 students spread across 6 sections of Kindergarten. In comparison, we had 117 students enrolled last year. Over 30 of our students are receiving English Language support. Another 12 students are receiving supplementary academic interventions. We share 3 students with our friends at the Northern Suburban Special Education District.

Our reading and writing instruction is highly differentiated through a balanced literacy model. Guided reading (a.k.a., Team Read) begins this month. For 30 minutes every day, our students receive feedback and guidance on important reading behaviors at their individual stage of development. It is remarkable to see the growth from fall to spring! Magic!

In our math workshop, we continue to access the Math In Focus and Bridges resources. There is collaborative plan time scheduled with our math coordinator and specialist. The workshop includes multiple visuals and games. The students love composing and decomposing numbers with dice.

This is our third year incorporating the Shared Collaborative Imaginative Play (SCIP) curriculum. Our specials teachers and classroom teachers co-teach important social-emotional skills and concepts during the play block. We will be giving a presentation on this at the upcoming Illinois ASCD Kindergarten Conference.

Registration for next school year is Thursday, February 7 from 1:00 to 7:00 PM at Willowbrook School. For more information, visit http://www.district30.org/willowbrook/welcome-to-the-kindergarten-center2

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