Hello from Camp Echo

This week’s polar vortex made it feel like Mrs. Fetzer, Mr. Pablo, and I were working at Camp Echo (the Rebel Alliance’s settlement on the planet of Hoth). I can’t remember a time when we experienced 3 closed school days in a single week. While Mother Nature interrupted our instruction, it did provide the gift of unstructured time.

Similar to your family, the Carlson family calendar seems impossibly full at times. We are juggling 3 different basketball teams, homework, and two careers in public education. This week gave us an opportunity to play together, read for enjoyment, and spontaneous fun. I enjoyed the silly photos my wife shared from home. I hope you found some quality family time too.

We tried something new with teachers on Wednesday. As you are probably aware, we are trying to maximize our summer for Maple School’s construction. We want to avoid going into June as much as possible. With that in mind, the administration quickly pulled together a day of online professional development for our teaching staff this Wednesday. Teachers were given the choice of viewing various webinars around the topics of differentiated instruction, reading/writing rigor, and instructional technology practices. Teachers reflected on their learning and created “action plans”.

Our friends in the New Trier Township (and elsewhere) experimented with remote learning for students. Maybe you heard about this. The Illinois State Board of Education recently approved the use of “E-Learning Days” in place of make-up school days. Teaching staff provided students with electronic assignments and activities to complete at home during the school closures. Some students submitted evidence of their schoolwork via Seesaw, Schoology, or email. I wonder what our parent community would think of this. This may be something for our district to consider. What are your thoughts?

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