Dancing through the decades

Last Friday, the Willowbrook students and staff celebrated 50 years as a school community. Each grade level was assigned a decade (e.g, 5th grade had the 1960s, 4th grade had the 1970s). Students explored the popular culture, technology, fashion, and Willowbrook history from that decade. Classroom doorways and hallways were decorated. There were classroom parties and an indoor parade.

The afternoon ended with a boisterous assembly. Each grade level shared a dance specific to their decade. Students joined the specials staff in a silly version of Willowbrook Jeopardy. Of course, we ended with our school song.

A great deal has changed over the years, but some things remain the same. Willowbrook continues to be a special place that honors childhood and celebrates learning. We have dedicated parents and passionate educators. We look ahead to our closing ceremony in May and plan to invite former staff and students for a simple homecoming.

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