Father’s Book Club

I would like to thank all the fathers who joined Dr. Brown and me for our Father’s Book Club. I am grateful for the opportunity to discuss parenting and learn from each of them. Our two book club meetings were grounded in the new Michael Reichert book, “How To Raise A Boy: The Power of Connection To Build Good Men”.

Our boys receive so many confusing and frankly destructive messages from popular culture and media. It is important to remember that only connections or relationships will keep them safe. Parenting is less about outcomes than it is about relationships. The same could be said about teaching.

One of my biggest take-aways is the realization that boys will often “test” their parents and teachers. It is always the responsibility of the adult to repair or maintain the relationship. Dr. Reichert goes further by saying, “To help a boy develop his own internal self-regulation, unreasonable or inappropriate behaviors should be met with a relaxed limit offered by a connected caregiver. Being relaxed when confronted with bad behavior is a key to effective discipline” (p. 42).

We have an amazing community of caring and thoughtful parents in District 30. This book club was another great way of strengthening that community. I hope the participating fathers formed new connections and friendships. I hope we can continue the conversation. Parenting is a verb.

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