Class Placement Input

This is the time of year when staff begins thinking about classroom placements for the coming school year. This is a very delicate process, which takes into account many factors in an effort to create the best possible learning environment for each child. This includes:

  • Gender balance 
  • Student academic strengths/weaknesses
  • Student learning styles 
  • Social dynamics 
  • Identified special needs 
  • Student/teacher match 
  • Class size 

The placement process is a team effort that is completed with great care and consideration. Classroom teachers work with special area teachers to review student needs and dynamics. The process requires significant time and collaboration.

You may want to share information about your child that may help us in this process. Each year children grow and change, as do relationship dynamics, so information that you may have shared in the past is not referred to during this year’s process. If you wish to provide input, it may include information related to your child’s learning style, social dynamics with other children, and/or academic strengths & weaknesses. 

We ask that you do not request a specific teacher for your child. Please do not make this request of your child’s current teacher. Such requests cannot be honored, as this opportunity is not available to all children and the staffing may change between now and the beginning of next year.

This input should be put in writing to your building principal no later than Monday, April 6. Information received after this date may not be considered.

We trust that you will rely on our professional judgment as we group the children with the idea of creating the best learning environment for everyone. Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.

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