Physical Distancing

With our first week of e-Learning in the books, we now have some time to pause and reflect on our instructional delivery AND the state of our families. This spring break is very different for us teachers (and parents). Instead of visiting Grandpa in Palm Springs or taking the family to Disney World, we are practicing social distancing in our homes. We are turning inward and spending some playtime, downtime, and family time.

There have been a lot of funny memes and thoughtful articles spread around the internet recently. While I am trying my best to stay off social media or limit my media exposure in general, I have seen a few messages that bear repeating. Our country is taking extraordinary measures to “flatten the curve” of this virus. In order for this to work, we need to be vigilant in our social distancing. This morning, I heard a teacher refer to it as Physical Distancing. That seems to make a lot more sense for children. We do not have to be socially distant from each other, but we do need to be physically distant.

Finally, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the bravery of our medical community and the first responders. I know we will hear stories of bravery in the coming weeks. Character counts!

I look forward to sharing a video montage of our e-Learning later this weekend. We will email it out to everyone in the same way that we have shared the morning announcements.

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