Bed bugs are back, stronger than ever. You probably heard about these bugs. They are miniature insects than suck on blood as their main energy source. They usually hide in beds, hotel rooms, movie theaters and more. They can go up to very long times without eating, sometimes to months. However, once they do, they can definitely become a problem. Once they have a meal on your skin while you are sleeping, an oval, reddish clutter of plumps will appear on your skin. Sound familiar? Despite being a 350 bedbug feature inline2major problem for many homes around the world, around 1950s, DDT’s were used to get rid of this insect. But now, they have came back rapidly, almost at a frightening pace. After the removal of DDT’s in the 1970’s and the ignorance in bug control has led to this nightmare for families around the world.

Just as the nursery rhymes goes, “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.”


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1) What do you think we have to do to stop bed bugs?

2) Have you ever had problems with bed bugs?

3) Should DDT’s be allowed to be used again for the bed bugs?