Classroom Info

General Information and Procedures


We enjoy celebrating the children’s birthdays during the year. On their birthday, the children write a letter to their classmate.  They decorate a card.  We sing “Happy Birthday” and enjoy a tasty treat. The birthday boy/girl brings in a special treat to school. We have student helpers who set the table for the treat, so the snack should be easy to serve along with napkins. We have 20 children in our class. Please make sure there are no nuts in the treats due to allergies.

Star of the Week
This is an opportunity for your children to show and tell about themselves.  At the beginning of the week, the star brings in 5 or 6 photos, any special collections, awards, lovey, etc. that they would like to share with their classmates.  These items are put on display for the entire week and then sent home on Friday.  During the week, we will also celebrate the child’s birthday or half-birthday.


Our class goes to the library on TBA. The children are allowed to check out two books, which are due the following TBA. They may renew books if they wish to keep them longer. Please help your child develop the habit of returning books on time, so new books can be checked out each week.


Our class has a mid-afternoon, five-minute snack time each day. If your child wishes to have a snack, send something healthy, such as carrot sticks, apple slices, or dry cereal. Prepare food so that it is easy to eat and not too messy,such as peeling oranges or slicing apples beforehand. Due to various allergies and health issues, first grade has a no share policy regarding snacks. We also have students, who have life threatening peanut allergies this year; therefore, please refrain from sending any peanut or peanut butter related snack. The children are used to drinking water, so please do not send juice boxes, Gogurts, or similar sticky drinks.


The purpose of first grade homework is to develop responsibility habits and to provide additional practice of skills worked on at school. Parent support and involvement is encouraged. Please go over completed assignments and make corrections before returning the work to school. If an assignment is difficult for the child, please indicate on the sheet and send in the next day, so we can review the concept again with your child.  Homework is typically sent home at the beginning of the week and is due the following Monday.

Parent Helpers

We also welcome parents, grandparents, aunts or cousins to be a Mystery Reader for our class. There are still a few Mystery Reader slots available. During second and third trimesters, if needed, we will have parent volunteers in our classroom to help with centers, writing, etc.


To minimize any confusion about after school plans and ensure your child’s safety, please send a note whenever there is a change in your child’s regular routine of going home from school. If vacations are taken during school days, advance notice would be appreciated.  If your child is absent for the day, please be sure to contact both the health office as well as the teacher.