Million Dollar Project

Every year you have been at Willowbrook School you have been thrilled by the amazing projects in the hallway across from the library. You have admired them and considered what your project might be when it was time. You have thought about making a spectacular art project. Oh what fun!

Now you are fifth graders and you and your classmates have created those amazing projects in the hallways. But, this was so much more than an art project! Iโ€™m sure you didnโ€™t realize that there was a lot of math and research that came before the visual representation.

Did you encounter any unexpected challenges? What was the hardest part of your project? What did you like best about your work? What would you do to improve your work next time? In what ways did you go beyond what was expected? What did you learn about math doing this project? What did you learn about yourself? What comments would you like to share about the whole experience? Do you have any advice for the fourth graders? Please share.

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