Fretting About Air Asia

On December 28, 2014, the plane 8501 from AirAsia was flying to Singapore in bad weather. 162 people were on the plane when it crashed into Java Sea, about 100 miles off the coast of Borneo.

Early Monday, January 12, searchers, divers, already found the first blackbox and have honed in on the second.

After they found the first blackbox, they honed in on the second and found it under one of the jet’s wings.

Mr. Supriyadi, the director of Indonesia’s search- and- rescue team, said that the recovery team may need to lift the jet’s wings using inflatable bags.

Top officials took the blackbox to Jakarta, where it’s being analyzed.

Searchers believed they located part of the plane, where they thought it could contain bodies. After searchers investigated, 48 bodies were recovered.

There are also theories that the plane exploded before impact. Mr. Supriyadi said,

“The cabin was pressurized and before the pressure of the cabin could be adjusted, it went down- boom. That explosion was heard in the area.”

And because this is still unconfirmed, Santoso Sayogo, the investigator from Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee, says,

“There is no data to support that kind of theory.”

Mark Stone, a Beijing correspondent, says,

“Experts will be looking at data which recorded the performance of the engines or other instruments in the cockpit. All of that will be taken to Jakarta and analyzed in great detail.” Experts know so far that there was no mayday issued and there were MORE bodies found.

AirAsia is banned from flying 6 routes for similar alleged license violations.

The AirAsia flight data was downloaded and experts said that the blackbox is in ” more or less in good condition.” Investigators have begun reading the data on the day Wednesday, January 14.

“The flight data recorder has been downloaded, and all the data are now safe.” Santoso Sayago says.

Members of the Search and Rescue Agency carry debris recovered from the sea presumed from missing Indonesia AirAsia flight QZ 8501 at Pangkalan Bun

Right now people are carrying bodies that were boarded on the crashed flight 8501.


This is the route of which the crashed AirAsia would’ve taken.


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