The Sony Attack

This is one of the messages sent to Sony by the hackers.

In November, 2014, Sony got hacked by North Korea. Sony has been very upset by the hack and they are working on fixing the problem. This hacking has disrupted their movie release of The Interview which has lost Sony probably millions of dollars. This is because Sony was getting threats about their new movie.

Sony had canceled their movie release and the hacker or hackers said that they made a good choice. But a few days later President Obama told Sony that what they did was a mistake, so Sony released the movie on the Internet and in 200-300 movie theaters. Sony said that they wished to be in 2000-3000 movie theaters but this was their best choice.

The hackers of Sony threatened Sony by saying they were going to release Sony’s private leaked emails. On December 16, 2014, Sony hackers sent the worst, most threatening email yet. The email was about 9/11 and how their movie would be as horrid as that. This message caused security to analyze the threatening email.

People that were helping Sony comeback from their horrible hacking reported that some officials of North Korea might’ve been the people that hacked Sony. They also said there was a possibility that the hackers were working in North Korea for a secret program called Bureau 121. So it seems that North Korea had hired a team of hackers.

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