Loppy Choppy Hybrid

Why get hybrid car? One reason is because it can save you lots of money on gasoline.

It also is very fuel efficient. And better yet, if the battery breaks ( which is supposedly going to last for the lifetime of the car) you will be able to get it replaced, free of any charge. (plus, it would be cool to have a hybrid Challenger)

Well, global warming has been a BIG problem for a while. Wouldn’t you want your children living in a nice place?(ahem, it’s us) Maybe so you wouldn’t have to have to wear dust masks to keep out pollutants? Well, start now! Start making hybrid vehicles. I have noticed that Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, AND (well, Fiat did) Ferrari really hasn’t made anything hybrid. Doesn’t it make you feel kinda bad that you drive a gasoline car, putting smog and other bad pollutants (CO2 and such) in the air you BREATHE?! 33% of CO2 comes from transportation.

Electric cars can save up 2000-4000 $ every year on gasoline fuels. But, of course, the car itself is very expensive. Take a Tesla for instance. It’s about $70,000 worth of money. It’s pretty expensive. Then take a Toyota Prius hybrid. It’s $24,000 dollars. Pretty cheap compared to Tesla. It sounds like it isn’t much to make the car. And plus, the hybrid Prius gets 51/48 mpg, while the gasoline only gets 24 mpg. Big difference. And financially, hybrids save money. People take trains and bikes to work, but, insurance companies reward people for driving.

But, hybrids and electric cars alike, are known to not make any noise, and so pedestrians are likely to be hit. But, people are making a sound prototype that can make the car audible. Maybe also make a fake sports car sound. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even be writing about this.

Hybrids can save you lots of money with gasoline, and help with global warming. You want a better environment, don’t you? If we don’t take action, the Earth will become very polluted, more than it already is. So if we do make them, everyone will be happy, right?

From: Jake Lee

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