No More Unifoms

No More Uniforms

Did you know 23% of school children in America wear uniforms? It doesn’t help in school subjects or bullying. It’s a waste of money for parents and the schools’ children shouldn’t wear uniforms. My cousin used to go to a school with uniforms and said they were itchy, ugly, and a total waste. This is why uniforms shouldn’t be allowed in school.

My first reason is uniforms are very expensive. Uniforms are about $18.50 plus shipping. Most parents will spend at least $250 on washing and drying uniforms. It’s also expensive for the schools funds. Imagine about 300 students with $18.50 uniforms. That equals about $5,000 dollars. You could buy books, have more classrooms, and save it!

My second reason is how they’re too strict on children. If wearing a pin on clothes is that important, why put a strict clothes dress code up? If your school board cares about uniforms more than bullying it’s not my call. When you have a say on something like this, you could maybe tell school board member and help end it!

My last reason is how it doesn’t help with bullying. Because everyone wears the same clothes, doesn’t mean bullying will stop. Some people still bully if you don’t look good in the uniform, you have pimples or a different hair style. In my grade no one gets bullied. There may be some making fun of, but nothing big. In your school is there bullying? In my school everyone wears what they want and everyone fits in with their own group of friends.

Some people say wearing uniforms helps in academic subjects, but to be honest math, history, science, and L.A but peoples grades don’t improve.

In conclusion, I think children should not wear uniforms to school. Uniforms are super expensive, don’t help with bullying, and people are too strict on children about them. Some children will start riots about wearing uniforms. If you take them away then children can wear what they want. They do dress appropriately, anyway.
Sincerely, Alana

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