Northbrook Days

Northbrook Days
By: Leslie Casey

When I went to Northbrook Days I went with my mom, dad , and my sister.
I went on almost every ride there that I wanted to go on. I went on the Freak Out and I went on the Rainbow, and the bumper cars. I also went on a ride and it was a dragon ride that went around in a circle, and it went really fast. My sister and I went on it twice because it was so fun. The bumper cars were really fun me and my sister went on it together and I was driving , it was a little hard to drive at first but then I got the hang of it.
The Rainbow was a ride that went around in a circle, and it had a sun on it with a smiley face on it. It went down really fast. When I went down it felt like I was going down on a roller coaster and it made me have a weird feeling in my stomach. I was scared to go on it when I was waiting in line. I was like in my head “I don’t want to go on this… I don’t want to go on this!” I was really scared, but I had to go on because I was already in line and if I got out of line and then went back in then I would have to go to the end of the line..
There was a ride called Alien Invasion. It was very fun. It was when you went in this little room, and you lean against the wall and it spun in a circle really fast that you could not lift your head up. My sister was like “ AHHHHHHHHHHH!!” and I was like “HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” because it was really funny that she was screaming so loud.
I saw some of my friends there and they said “hi.” to me and my sister Leah. When my sister wanted a balloon she went with my mom but when she got one I wanted on too, so my mom took me back and I got a really cute giraffe. My sister got a pink turtle and it was very cute too. When I showed my mom and my sister it they were like “AWWWWWW!”
After that we saw a big fun house and my sister and I wanted to go on in it. It was hard at the beginning because there were these steps that moved up and down. You had to stretch your leg to the next step and it was very hard. At the end of it you had to run through a circle that was moving around in a circle. When I went in it I just leaped through it.
When I went on the Freak Out it was really scary ,and my glasses almost fell off when it was moving. I went on it by myself because my sister was too scared to go on it because she thought that she would fall off. The last ride I went on was called the Tilt-a-Whirl that you sit in a cart and it moves fast and spins around so fast that me and my sister could not lift our heads up either because it was going so fast. It was so fun that I went on it twice with my sister. I had alot of fun at Northbrook, I will always remember the time that I went to the Northbrook Days.

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