Pro Bowl Should be After the Super Bowl!

Dear Roger Goodell, 3/9/15

12.2 million people watched the NFL Pro Bowl in January of 2014. As many people watched the Pro bowl I was one of those viewers. The game was very exciting, and they had very cool jerseys.

People in the Super Bowl would also like to play in the Pro Bowl. Richard Sherman, a NFL defensive back says, ” I’m happy I’m in the Super Bowl, but I would also like to play in the Pro Bowl.” If they had the Pro Bowl after the Super Bowl he could play in both. But if he played in the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl, he could get injured in the Pro Bowl and not play in the almost Super Bowl. This was a safety rule made by the NFL.

Another reason is more people will attended the NFL Pro Bowl if it’s after the Super Bowl because, there are 32 teams in the NFL and 30 play in the Pro Bowl. In January of 2015 the Pro Bowl stadium was almost filled and if all 32 teams were playing more fans from those teams will come. More people at the Pro Bowl means it’s better for the economy. The city hosting the pro bowl will have better food and seats if the pro bowl is after the super bowl.

My final reason is that many fans would like to have an extra week of the NFL. Lots of people like football and lots of people would like an extra week. There will be an extra week because first there will be the NFL playoffs, a week off for practice, Super Bowl, then Pro Bowl.

Some people might think that it is good to have the Super Bowl after the Pro Bowl because they want some of the bad players to make the Pro Bowl. But when you think about it, you want the best against the best, not the medium against the best. If the Pro Bowl was after the Super Bowl it would allow all the best NFL players to be in the Pro Bowl.

In conclusion, I hope I made it clear that the Pro Bowl should be after the Super Bowl. My reasons to support this are that so the people in the Super Bowl can play in the Pro Bowl. Also there will be more fans. Finally, there would be an extra week of the NFL. The consequences of not doing this results in less fans, which leads to less money. The good thing about doing this is that it attracts more fans, which is more money. Roger Goodell, I hope you make the change to have the Pro Bowl after the Super Bowl. Thanks for reading this essay. If you have time please write back.

Sincerely, Eli Joselit

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