The Benefits of Hybrid/Electric Cars

Dear Chrysler,

Do you own a hybrid or electric car? Probably not because your car company doesn’t make those kinds of cars and you probably own a car that’s made by your company. So that’s why I am here to convince you why your company should make hybrid and electric cars.

First of all, making hybrid and electric cars will reduce carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a primary source in global warming. Of all the carbonn dioxide in the US, 33% comes from transportation. Too much carbon dioxide will be bad because of global warming which can kill species like the penguin and polar bear.

Second of all, with hybrid and electric cars we can save money on gasoline. The average American spends 2000-4000 dollars on gasoline each year. Even though it it is more expensive to buy a hybrid or electric car, you will save money. Also, we will need less oil, so you don’t spend as much money on oil. Another reason is that I took two Toyota Camry 2015 models, one gasoline and one hybrid, and compared the miles per gallon. The hybrid won with 43 mpg in the city and 39 mpg on the highway. And the gasoline powered lost with 25 mpg in the city, and 35 mpg on the highway. So this shows you how much gas and money can be saved by driving a hybrid.

Last but not least, hybrids and EVs have financial benefits. Many people try to find cheap ways to get around like taking a train, biking, walking, instead of driving their car. But with hybrids and EVs you can drive alone. My first reason, is that with a hybrid if you have to resell it you can resell it for more money than a regular gasoline car. Also, insurance companies like Farmers and Geico give discounts for hybrid driving people. My last reason is that hybrids and EVs will need less maintenance, which means less money to pay for repairs.

But your company thinks that it is more important to make money off your cars then help the environment. In an article published on August 8, 2012, it was stated that CEO Sergio Marchionne said that all along its 2013 Fiat 500 Electric will lose money and is not a car chrysler wants to build. The reason they make Fiat electric cars is because California makes them build electric cars because there is zero-emission cars in California.

To sum up my writing, I think you should manufacture hybrid and electric cars. Because they will lower the amount of CO2, let you drive farther, and save you money. But remember, if you don’t make these pollution can be much worse, but, if you do make these cars we can lower the amount of pollution. So now here comes the real thing, will you make these cars?

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