Why animals shouldn’t be used for testing

I think we should stop animal testing because it hurts animals. Poor, helpless animals are being abused by animal testing each day. Is that really the way you want to treat fellow creatures, because I know I don’t. If you want proof, read on to hear my reasons.

My first reason is that sometimes an animal’s reaction is different from a human’s. So then why do it in the first place? I’m going to tell you about one specific test that harms bunnies’ eyes, and 92% of the time a bunnies’ reaction is different than a human’s. It’s a toxic test and it’s called “Draize Rabbit Eye.” It’s intended to predict whether a chemical product could cause eye injury, for ocular irritation. This test consists of placing a small amount of the substance into one eye of a rabbit in a group of about three to six. Then, they observe their findings for about 21 days. There is a high likelihood that it will cause pain to the animal. Isn’t that horrible?

My second reason is we are abusing animals. Do you think you are doing the right thing by abusing animals? I don’t. Maybe for a useful, really important chemical like a new drug if someone is dying. But a lot of animal testing is used for makeup.That’s not a very good reason for testing on animal. I mean, hurting animals just to make a girl or women look pretty? Stop and ask yourself, is it really worth it? It’s possible to live without makeup. We’ve done it before! Or if you have to have a makeup test, try it on yourself! I mean, if you’re going to harm animals, why do it at all? Plus we already have tons of makeup products. Why not use those?

My final reason is that about one million animals die from testing each year. That’s not good, I mean, think about it, by harming animals we are also harming ourselves. How, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. By harming animals we are harming the food chain or the circle of life. Say we kill all the bunnies, mice, and rats from testing. I know these are all rodents but what will snakes eat? What will owls eat? See, this ruins the food chain. And sometimes other bigger animals like dogs are harmed! That leaves less pets and again ruins the food chain. What about the economy? If we are using animals like dogs and cats, the pet market will go down, and large businesses like Petco and Petsmart will go out of business.

Some people might say, by harming animals we are keeping humans safe. I’m not saying that that’s not true but, come on. Why can’t we try testing on people who are dying? I mean, there is a chance it might work. Also, as I said before, 92% of the time, the product doesn’t even react. So the first person that takes the drug is testing it anyway. Besides humans and animals’ immune systems are different anyway.

So now that you have read my arguments, you know that I am strongly against animal testing. I feel it is abusive, mean, and harmful to animal nature. And scientists aren’t even trying to fix that! I say you should follow my claim because you could be harming our planet and destroying the balance of the world. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and I look forward to hearing your opinion.
Olivia Trela

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