Adventures with Bob

Walking through a forest of trees, Bob searched for his friend, Roonie. He weaved through bunches of fallen bits of leaves and mushrooms. He dashed through the forest desperately. “Where did he go?” he thought as his pupils dashed from side to side. Then he saw it. A towering triangular monster had wrecked half the forest, taking down the trees and plants. The monster was covered in grimy sweat. Bob had to stop him. But Bob was nothing but a tiny kernel compared to this beast. Bob noticed behind the monster was Rooney! Except there were hundreds of Rooneys. Bob was confused. But this was no time to be confused. He dashed towards the monster, leaping at it with all his might…

“Danny, for the last time, stop playing with your food and EAT it already!” Mom exclaimed. Danny sighed. “OK Mommy.” I never get to finish the story, he thought.

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Why animals shouldn’t be tested on

Did you know that last year over one hundred million animals died in labs in the U.S? These animals have suffered because people wanted to test many products and decided to use an animal as a victim. This practice hurt and killed innocent and helpless animals that do not deserve a death. This is why I think that animals should not be tested on.

Doing testing on animals is basically animal abuse, because animals all around the world are mostly either blinded, poisoned, and killed if they are tested on. The animals are forced to be in labs all their life, until they die. They do not have the ability to roam free as a regular animal would. Most animals are used to sunshine and grass. Animals being tested on always sit around doing practically nothing everyday of their awful lives, on concrete and behind bars in cages. For the most part these animals are in “jail” all day until they come out for a small section of their day to be tested on!

Some products that work on animals can be either dangerous or non affective on humans. The way a mouse or other testing animal reacts to a product might not always be the same as a human will react to that same product. Animal’s bodies are very different than yours, this can cause the product that worked on the animal might not work on you, which is a problem.

Over one hundred thousand deaths in America are caused by a products side effects that were not found by testing on animals. So its kind of pointless to test on animals when its already proven that sometimes it doesn’t work. What if theres a hugely helpful product that worked on animals and everyone was excited, but didn’t work on people? What if it hurt people instead? That would be super disappointing and angering to people.

But some people might disagree with me and say animals should be tested on. There are reasons how they prove their point. One of the reasons is that if you didn’t test on animals, who or what would you test on? People? Why would you want to test on people when there are many more animals in the world.

That is completely true and I completely agree with what other people might say. But, how would you feel if you were locked in a cage, had tubes and gotten drugs and products that could be deadly put inside of you, and never had freedom? It would be pretty awful, and the sad thing is that that’s what happens to animals being tested on everyday.

These are my reasons due to why animals should not be tested on. Its basically animal abuse, they can be non affective if they have side effects on animals and can be dangerous to people, and is pointless. Now you see how I think about this subject and agree with what I’m saying. Next time you use a product that has been animal tested on, remember the poor animal that probably got hurt just so you can use that product.

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bats by liam wesselink
the bat flies in the wind
soars in the sky
zipping to the ground
up again he goes!
Alligator cake Alligator cake
if i don’t get
some i’m gonna have to eat
a snake give away the sky
give away the think tank
but don’t give away my Alligator cake!
Alligator doughnut
Alligator doughnut
if i don’t get one i think i’m gonna

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I love to read and I depend on the library to have good books. I once went to the school library to get a book. I went to the computer to look it up. I typed the title in and I heard the words I hadn’t expected,”Try again.” I asked the librarian for the book. She said they didn’t have it. I left the library with disappointment. There aren’t any violent books in school libraries and they should be allowed. Many people think that any book should be allowed. I do not agree. I think there should be more books that satisfy the fifth graders. I think we should have certain books for certain grade levels so that nobody reads anything they are not supposed to. Kids need a better challenge in reading books. They need to read more and learn more and think more.

What I would want is for some violent books to be allowed and tested by the librarians. I would want a fifth grader section only so that younger more immature kids won’t read them. Some young kids can be influenced by bad books and will follow what the characters in the book do and will think it is okay for them to do. There should be more books that kids could read when they get to fifth grade. Kids need books they can read and enjoy. I enjoy the books here but, I think there should be more for fifth graders that will satisfy us.

In addition I suggest that Wescott should have more copies of the same book. I would want the school board to spend more money on the libraries so we don’t have to wait for a book to be returned or we don’t have to go to the Northbrook Public Library for a book that can be at Wescott. Some books are very popular so many people would want to read it and would have to wait a long time for it to be available.

Some people think that violent library books will influence children to do bad things. If the district sees what books they are we won’t have a problem. Some people say that the board should not use money on books but other very stupid reasons like, “ohhhhhh we should have better things for recess.” The school board needs to spend more money on more important things like books. People don’t understand that school is for learning not for playing. Books help people and teach them many things. A lot of children would appreciate ne books and would be much much happier.

If the district doesn’t use money for library books children will not be educated well and have terrible futures. If the district does use money for library books children will be educated and will not have to worry about their future. Children are getting dumber and dumber. I noticed that last year we had many people that were smart in the fourth and fifth grades. This year, sadly, we do not have many smart kids. That is why we need more books and children will be wanting to read them and they will and Wescott will be one of the greatest schools.

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Should Kids Play Contact Sports Or Not

Dear, Barrington Broncos

Do you think children should be able to play contact sports? Many kids get injured while playing contact sports, like when My friend was playing lacrosse he got hit and got a concussion. He had missed two weeks of school due to injuries from these sports, I think children shouldn’t play contact sports because it can lead up to many types of injuries.

One reason why kids should not play contact sports like tackle football, lacrosse, anhockey is that these sports can lead up to future injuries and lifetime injuries. Did you know that sports injuries are the 2nd leading cause of emergency room visits? Also, a concussion expert named Dr. Robert Cantu says,” Kids under 14 should avoid contact sports.” Only one concussion could ruin your life.
Another reason why kids should avoid contact sports is because almost three million youths are seen in the hospital from contact sports in a year. Another problem is that if your injury is not treated well it will get worse. Did you know that 3.8 million concussions happen year round? Director of the Texas Health University, Lori Cook said,”Playing these sports can lead to serious injuries.”

My final reason why kids shouldn’t play contact sports is because 25,378 kids under the age of 19 got brain damage and ended up in the emergency room in a year. Did you know that the contact sports injuries increased by 27 percent each year? A professor, Stanley Herring, of Washington Health University says, ” Getting a concussion could ruin your life so you should be aware of these sports.”

These reasons, are why contact sports should be stopped, but some people disagree and think these sports should be played. Parents are warned about the dangers in these sports and eventually will be technology that will help with these sports injuries. But even though there is technology, the tech could fail and kids could get hurt. That’s why these contact sports should not be played by children.
In conclusion, this is why kids should avoid contact sports. But if you disagree you have a greater chance of your kid to get injured, or you getting injured. The good thing is that if you agree you will have a less chance of a injury. This is why so many kids get injured because they play these rough sports.

Please respond.

From, Jack Manelis

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Argumentative letter to Mr./Mrs. Wesselink.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wesselink,
Are you a kid without a phone that wants or needs one? One day, when I was getting picked up from school, I didn’t see my uncle waiting for me, so I called him with my phone and asked where he was. I found where he was and went home safely. I think that kids should be able to, and should, have phones in elementary school.
First, phones can be used in emergencies. Children might just want phones for gaming, texting, and calling their friends. But phones can come in handy in emergencies. Let’s say you don’t know who you are going home with. If you simply had a phone, then you would be able to easily contact your parents and ask.
Second, if you have a phone, emergency or not, you have easy access to family and friends. You can text your friends for fun or ask your parents if you can do something like play outside. And if you make a new friend or something similar, you can ask for their phone number and text or call them to stay friends. Today, phones are important for social life because you can call and text others.
Lastly, if you lost or forgot something, if you had a phone, it would be easy to contact your parent or someone to go get it. For example, let’s say you were at someone’s house and you left something like your iPad. Then you can (politely) ask your parent or someone to go get it.
People might say that phones are bad for kids and that phones don’t help in educations. Although that might be true, phones can come in handy, and if parents don’t want their children to be on their phones all day, they can set a limit of their phone times, or make them do homework or some sort of work, before they can start.
In conclusion, I would like like to say that elementary students should carry phones around for their own safety. Phones can be used in emergencies, you have easy access to anyone, and if you lost or forgot something, you can easily contact someone to get it. The consequence for an elementary student not having a phone could be major or minor. It could be an emergency or it can just be your child wanting to go outside or have a playdate. The benefits for having a phone could be things such as: being safe and not worrying as much for how your child walks home (if he/she does), or how your child is doing wherever he/she.

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Should schools close because of cold weather?

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365 Days Of Good Deeds


Have you ever heard of Luke Cameron?  Well if you haven’t then you should know now.  Luke Cameron has done a good deed every day for 365 days/one year.  He started January 1st, 2014 and ended January 1st, 2015.  He decided to do this after a close family member died named, Maura who was known for her generosity.  He said, “Maura was  hands-down the most incredible and inspirational woman I will ever meet.” When he first started people had no idea what he was doing.  He entered and won a competition to win a job as a national philanthropist.  So now he gets paid to travel the world and help 45 different charities.  He will earn 35,000 British pounds.  He said, “ I was so hungry so went and got myself a very naughty mcdonalds.  whilst in the middle of a queue I thought lets make this a good deed.”  so Luke cameron did a good deed and lets try to follow in his footsteps.




inspirational: to inspire somebody

philanthropy: an organization devoted to helping needy persons or to other socially useful purposes

whilst: while

queue: a file or line, especially of people waiting their turn.


article #1: date: 12-22-2014

article#2: daily date: 12-16-2014

aricle#3: itv report date:12-17-2014


Luke Cameron

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Air Asia Plane Mystery

This Air Asia plane crash took place on December 28, 2014 above the Java Sea. The pilot asked to go up due to bad weather.  They lost radio connection and crashed. All 162 people aboard died. As of right now they have pulled out 50 people.  They have also found one Black Box and have located the other about 100 feet underground. Right now they have found the tail, and a wing of the plane, still searching for more.


The plane crashed on December 28, 2014.  Due to bad weather the pilot asked to go higher, so they would miss the bad weather. About 10 minutes later they lost radio connection. Right after that they crashed into the Java Sea. 162 people aboard died. The Plane fell apart when it crashed into the sea.


The divers/searchers have been looking for bodies since the plane crash. As of now people in boats and planes are trying to find all of the bodies. As of January 11, 2015 they have found 51 people. Lots of the family of people on the plane hope to see their faces again. Loini had a loved one on the plane who died says, “Even if the search has to last for a month, we are still hoping to find them.”

As a result of this tragic event many people and family members have died. A lot of people are very sad from their losses. So be grateful that your family members weren’t on the plane.



Right now they have found a wing of the crashed flight.

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North Korea Threatens U.S. Over The Movie “The Interview”

December 22, 2014, North Korea is furious over the movie The Interview.  North Korea argued with the U.S. for accusing North Korea of the hacking.  Obama warned the U.S. that this would happen , he considered to put the authoritarian regime on the list of state sponsors of terrorism.  North Korea demanded a joint investigation in the cyber attacks.  They threatened Sony not to release the movie “The Interview” on Christmas Day.  Sony cancelled the release of the movie.


the movie scene


The statement attacked National Defense Commission, they accused the U.S. for blaming North Korea in the hacking. We insist that the attack was done by the DPRK commission in North Korea.  Threats were issued that there would 9/11 style attacks on theaters that show the movie.  Obama said,” I expressed disappointment in the movie there should be free speech”

nukes getting ready

North Korea found evidence involving the makers making fun of korea in the making of the movie.  The U.S. retaliated by saying that they also found evidence in the attacks that it was done by North Korea.


North Korea threatens  Sony to not release the movie in theaters, or they will pay the price.


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