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What Does the Fox Say??

Have you ever wondered where wolves live?  Would you like to know how dolphins find each other in the water?  How long can a salamander get, anyway??! We have been hard at work researching animals using our online resources World … Continue reading

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Our Favorite Books!

Our class has been busy writing about our opinions on everything from favorite seasons to favorite holidays.  We have also been hard at work reading… and reading… and reading… LOTS of books! We thought we would combine the two and … Continue reading

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Artifacts from Long Ago

We have been learning about how people lived long ago through objects that they used.  Can you name each item and guess its use? Click here to see our talking artifacts!

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Lessons from First Grade…

Dear 1D, This is a photo from the first week of 1st grade.  It’s hard to believe you are almost 2nd graders!  You have grown so much this year!  Not only have you grown taller, but you have become better … Continue reading

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The Best Gift of All…

Ms. Lenger read the book The Best Gift of All by Jonathan Emmett to our class during library. Summary:  It’s cold and blustery outside, and the best place for Mole to be is underground in his burrow. But it’s been a long time … Continue reading

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Yesterday and Today…

Our class has spent a lot of time learning what life was like long ago.  To see (and hear!) some of the artifacts we have studied, check out our Tweet on the scroll bar to the right.  From school to … Continue reading

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Amazing Animal Research

When you think of research, do the words “fun” and “exciting” come to mind?? They do for these first graders! We enjoyed practicing the research process on animals with Ms. Lenger. Then, Mrs. Rich helped us put our information into … Continue reading

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Plant Observations

We have been observing our seeds as they grow into plants over the past several days.  My, how they’ve grown!  Our little scientists recorded their observation logs today. What similarities or differences do you see when you look at plants … Continue reading

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Snowy Similes!

We haven’t quite had a winter wonderland of snow outside yet, but our class is ready for it!  Over the past few weeks, we have read and compared several stories about different ways people enjoy their snowy days.  Some sled, … Continue reading

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Putting Our Game Faces On!

Who says school isn’t all fun and games?? Not these first graders!! Our class recently earned a reward party by filling our marble jar. Students get to add marbles by demonstrating positive character as a class and working together. This … Continue reading

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