Plant Observations

We have been observing our seeds as they grow into plants over the past several days.  My, how they’ve grown!  Our little scientists recorded their observation logs today.

What similarities or differences do you see when you look at plants that are different from yours?


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Snowy Similes!

We haven’t quite had a winter wonderland of snow outside yet, but our class is ready for it!  Over the past few weeks, we have read and compared several stories about different ways people enjoy their snowy days.  Some sled, some make snowmen, some build snow forts…  We also read a fun story called Snow Day, in which the main character hopes that school will be called off for a Snow Day and plans all the exciting adventures he will have in the snow.  The students were surprised to find out that the narrator was…the teacher!  We even made our own snow globes and wrote about what we would like to do on our own Snow Day!

In our winter book study, we have loved exploring how different authors describe snow using their five senses.  Some of our favorite examples are:  “a soft, fluffy snowbank”, “frozen water is like a giant silver popscicle”,  “snow is falling like a bazillion goose feathers”, “cold as vanilla ice cream”, and “soft as baby fur”.

What juicy adjectives would you use describe snow?  How does it look?  Feel?  Sound?  Smell?  Taste??  If you’re feeling fancy, you could even try using some similes to describe it!  For example, “Snow looks like a magical, sparkly, white blanket covering the ground.”  I can’t wait to read your thoughts!

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Putting Our Game Faces On!

Who says school isn’t all fun and games?? Not these first graders!!

Our class recently earned a reward party by filling our marble jar. Students get to add marbles by demonstrating positive character as a class and working together. This includes everything from walking down the hall quietly to increasing their writing stamina to treating each other with respect.

To celebrate, our class chose to have a Game Day at school. Students brought in games from home, such as “Sorry!” and “Headbandz”, that they played during recess and Extension Time. But the fun didn’t stop there! We also practiced reading and math skills with games such as “Word Bingo” and “Addition Top It” throughout the day. This was a great opportunity for us to practice the skills we are learning in our social studies lessons: taking turns, following rules, and cooperating.

We ended our fun-filled Game Day with a class favorite: a follow the leader game called “Chief”.

Our marble jar is already filling up again fast. What will we choose next? IMG_0791.JPG




























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Thanksgiving- What are you thankful for?

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of many of the photos found here.  It makes me think of being with family, turkey dinner, the Pilgrims and American Indians, cornucopias, Fall leaves and giving thanks! What does Thanksgiving make you think of? What are you thankful for? Please leave a post below.

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