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Exploring How San Francisco Grew


  In social studies we are discovering how one community changed. Tell us about the “Living Painting” you created. What geographical feature or building were you and why are you important?



Last week we had a special visitor! Tell us why Mrs. Purohit came to our class. What did you learn from Mrs. Purohit’s visit?



We are working on our Motion unit.  Tell us what you are learning. Think of the following:  What are some descriptors of how things move? How can something move? How can you change the way something is moving?

Halloween Fun!


Last Friday was such a fun day! We had a great time celebrating Halloween. What did you dress up as? What was your favorite part about the afternoon? Did you have a favorite costume? 

Reading Buddies 2015 – Ms Maisel’s Class


A couple of weeks ago, you met your 4th grade buddies from Ms Maisel’s class.  Tell us what you did with your buddy? What is your buddies name? Did you learn anything about your buddy?  

The Grove 2015


Tell us about your trip to The Grove! Think about the following:  What was the classroom like?  What were the ages of children in the schoolhouse?  What kinds of games were played during recess time?  Do you remember the name your were given while in the schoolhouse?  What was your teacher’s name?

Covenant Village 2015


On Friday, May 1st, we had a very memorable day.  We met our Pen Pals from Covenant Village.  Seeing the smiles on everyones faces is something we will never forget. Mr. Vaananen  joined us for a musical performance.  We sang various songs from our 2nd Grade Show and some old time favorites of the residents.  We […]

Shedd Aquarium 2015


On Thursday, May 29th, we went to the Shedd Aquarium.  We saw so many interesting aquatic animals.  Some favorites were; the beluga whales, the river otters, the sharks and the seahorses.  The Shedd Aquarium houses nearly 22,000 aquatic animals.  Tell us about your favorite aquatic animal!  What was your favorite part about the Shedd?  Did […]



This week we started our new unit in science!  What is our unit titled?  What are you learning?  What do you think we will do next?

Our Winter Party


We had a wonderful winter celebration on December 19th.  We were so fortunate to have so many exciting surprises at our party.  Tell us all about it!  What did you make? What did you eat?  What was your favorite part?  I am thankful for all the parents who helped make our party spectacular! We had a […]

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