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The Grove 2017


Tell us about your trip to The Grove!

Think about the following:  What was the classroom like?  What were the ages of children in the schoolhouse?  What kinds of games were played during recess time?  Do you remember the name your were given while in the schoolhouse?  What was your teacher’s name?



We had a great time celebrating Halloween. What did you dress up as? What was your favorite part about the afternoon? Did you have a favorite costume?

halloween-4 halloween-3 halloween-2 halloween-1 101_2976

2nd Grade Show


Last week, on Friday, March 11th, the 2nd graders at Wescott School presented us with a spectacular show titled, A Tribute To Roald Dahl.  Our very talented music teacher, Mr. Bill Vaananen, created several new songs for us to share with you. It was quite a memorable performance.

Share with us which favorite book character you dressed up as. What did you wear? What was your speaking part? What was your favorite song? What was your most memorable moment about the show? 

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Mixing Solids


Last week we studied two solids, talked about their properties and mixed them together. What were the two solids we studied? What were the properties of each solid? Were you able to change the properties of the solids after you mixed them? What happened when you mixed the two solids together? What happened when you separated the solids?

101_2703 101_2704 101_2705 101_2706 101_2707 101_2708 101_2709 101_2710 101_2711



Today we did our first experiment for our new science unit! Tell us about it. What are some properties of solids and liquids? What is something you learned while doing this experiment?

What do you think we will do next?

 Science1 Science2 Science3 Science4 Science5 Science6 Science7 Science8 Science9



Solving Conflicts



Mrs. Habel came to our class and taught us how to resolve conflicts. Tell us about the lessons she taught. What did you learn? What can you do to help solve problems you are having with others?

101_2645 101_2646 101_2662 101_2663 101_2664

Math Games



What is your favorite math game?

101_2611 101_2612 101_2613 101_2614 101_2615



We are working on our Motion unit.  Tell us what you are learning. Think of the following:  What are some descriptors of how things move? How can something move? How can you change the way something is moving?

101_2586 101_2587 101_2588 101_2589 101_2590 101_2592

Halloween Fun!


Last Friday was such a fun day! We had a great time celebrating Halloween. What did you dress up as? What was your favorite part about the afternoon? Did you have a favorite costume? 

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Reading Buddies 2015 – Ms Maisel’s Class


A couple of weeks ago, you met your 4th grade buddies from Ms Maisel’s class.  Tell us what you did with your buddy? What is your buddies name? Did you learn anything about your buddy?

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