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Covenant Village 2015


On Friday, May 1st, we had a very memorable day.  We met our Pen Pals from Covenant Village.  Seeing the smiles on everyones faces is something we will never forget.

Mr. Vaananen  joined us for a musical performance.  We sang various songs from our 2nd Grade Show and some old time favorites of the residents.  We got to spend time talking with our pen pals after our performance.  Tell us about your pen pal!  What did you think of Covenant Village?  What did you and your pen pal discuss?  Did you have time to play a game with them?  Tell us about your spectacular experience meeting your Pen Pal at Covenant Village.

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Creating Your Lighted Schoolhouse Page


Hi students!

Mister Rezac here. I’ve created a handy dandy tutorial for you to use, that will help you create your page for the Lighted Schoolhouse.

Please watch, and remember to pause, rewind, and fast-forward as much as you need to until you have success!!


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Holiday Cheer



As the end of the year draws near, spend time with the people you enjoy most and the activities you enjoy doing with them.  What is your favorite winter activity?  What holiday do you celebrate?  What do you do during the holidays with your families and friends?  Share your winter thoughts with us.  Most of all, remember to take some time to smile and spread some holiday cheer.









Learning with Laptops


Since the beginning of the school year we have been busy learning how to use our laptops.  We are quickly learning how fun and easy it can be.  We have used several different applications.  Some of our favorites are Kid Pix and Kispiration 3.  I’d like you to think about the different activities and skills you’ve learned using these applications.  Share your thoughts about the projects we’ve created using these applications.  Which one was your favorite?  What did you learn? What did you make?